Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meanderings about technology

The rate of learning has definitely sped up. Aspects of web 2.0 were familiar before I started on this adventure. At first the new territories were rather daunting, but exploring from the end backwards has been rewarding.

I can see that web 2.0 can be a very poswerful promotional tool.
Today we had a meeting of the Friends of the Sargeson House (FOSH). I was very impressed to learn that FOSH has established a blogspot

One of the main drivers for establishing a bogspot was the development of North Shore City's arts' portal Shorespace. Shorespace is to be officiallly launched at the Bruce Mason Centre at the end of October. This will offer a wide range of groups and individuals an umbrella web space. It made me think that the Friends of the Takapuna Library could well do a blogspot and be part of Shorespace.

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