Sunday, October 12, 2008

Web 2.0 What makes an award winning site?

The web 2.0 Awards showcase the best of innovative applications of web 2.0 technology.
For example, Villanova University was third placed in the books category, with Vufind:
Vufind has been developed specifically for libraries. It uses open source technology. Initially, it does not look too different from the tradional opac cataloue. However, it enables the user to search or browse through all the libraries' resources simultaneously.
If this was applied to North Shore Libraries, it would mean, for eaxample, that a search on Takapuna Library would pick up items in the local history collection in a single search. ALthough the eLGAR Libraries are getting something similar with the development of , as far as I could ascertain, Vufind seemed a more user friendly solution.
The biggest drawback for me, was that it is very boring looking, typical of university software applications. Still a little prettying up shouldn't be too hard.

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