Monday, November 10, 2008

It's all about image

Christmas is almost here and the goose is getting fat. Time to finish these 23 things to learn with web 2.0. It's been a month since I have had time to play around and discover what can be done.

Image is everything. Yes think about it, the old saying a single picture is better than a thousand words. Well it was a bit of fun playing around making up images. I used Generator blog to turn myself into a graphic artist. I wouldn't say i was completely happy, but for very little effort, I made this
The hardest part was not making the image, but learning how to save it to picture file on my computer, Now I'm aware of all the marvellous things that can be done to edit a picture, there will be no stopping me.

To begin with I was unsuccessful, but found if I had saved to pdf format I could include in the blog. This one here was a practise image and

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